Designing Reference Models for the Publishing Industry

Designing Reference Models for the Publishing Industry

Systems analysis and design is the basis to take decisions concerning selection and implementation of IT systems. In many industries reference models concerning processes and data, their structure and relations do exist. These models facilitate the analysis of parts of companies in any particular case. Also comparisons of the requirements of the own company to general requirements within a branch are possible and useful. Decisions concerning IT investments could be taken profound. In media industries analyzing systems by using modelling approaches is not very common. Media companies often feel as part of a ›creative industry‹, and the overall logic of such industries seems to be an obstacle to reference models and branch standards. Concerning the German speaking world (one of the biggest media markets), we can state that the media branch is characterized by small and media companies. Here a fundamental lack of know-how and resources concerning systems analysis and modelling can be found. The aim of the project is to analyze different parts of the publishing industry in order to model processes and data as a reference framework.

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Projektzeitraum: 1. Oktober 2011 – 1. Oktober 2014


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