UI/UX Design and Gamification for an Ipsative Measurement of Human Subjectivity

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We’re looking for an experienced web developer and UI/UX designer to help us enhance an existing web application for measuring human subjectivity. The project includes writing production-ready and maintainable HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, but also involves careful reflection about the methodological, ontological and epistemological tenets of measuring human subjectivity ipsatively, as for example in Q methodology. Students do not need to know about these methods and concerns, but should be interested in learning more about them, and in translating their requirements into design principles. Students will have a lot of room for creativity in this translating from method to design, and this interdisciplinary challenge could also form the basis for writing a scientific article about the newly developed UI/UX.
Because the project will have to fit in with an existing codebase, we have a relatively tightly-prescribed stack. Students should be able to write HTML5, (vanilla) CSS (especially with bootstrap 3.3.x), without reliance on preprocessors and plain JavaScript (or jQuery), without using advanced frameworks. In addition, students should be experienced with (open source) development practices, including git, github and continuous integration and delivery. Some knowledge of R and shiny would be welcome, but is not required.


Themengebiet: Social Science methodology, web development, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5

Team: Prof. Dr. Sabine Pfeiffer, Maximilian Held


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