Workshop „Digital Networks of Knowledge in the Cold War Era“

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Workshop: Digital Networks of Knowledge in the Cold War Era


Organized by Marc A. Matten, Renée Gringmuth and Henrike Rudolph


22-23 February 2018


In the past decade, science and knowledge as historical objects have been re-examined from different perspectives, with a lively exchange between the disciplines of history, area studies and cultural studies. Within the history of science there has been a shift towards a discursive and network-like consideration of knowledge production and its conditions, that—instead of asking for success and/or failure of knowledge reception in modernization processes—takes their mobility into focus. Going beyond the currently productive, but primarily hagiographical, research on 20th century famous scientists and experts in historical sciences, the aim of this workshop is to discuss methods and techniques from the field of digital humanities that could help to describe and visualize transnational scientific communities and their contribution to the production of knowledge in networks. By doing so we hope to question the long-held assumption that such production was neither limited by national boundaries nor only occurred within the geopolitical blocs of the Cold War era.


The primary task of this workshop is to identify central problems in processing multilingual sources (Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Western languages) and to discuss different OCR and mark-up techniques as a first step for creating a multi-media database that is able to describe historical processes of transnational knowledge production.




22nd February

13:30           Welcome, Introduction of sources/texts, Processing sources

15:00           Coffee break

15:15           Software discussions (Stanford NER, Access, Yoshikoder etc.)

16:45           Coffee break

17:00           Discussion of Data Architecture (text markup and generating databases)

18:00           End of workshop

19:00           Dinner



23rd February

9:00-ca. 13h Visit of the SASS-collection in Tennenlohe (






Institute of Chinese Studies (Room 00.111) – FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg

Artilleriestr. 70

91052 Erlangen