Guest Researcher Prof. Dr. Ricardo Rohm

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Guest Researcher Prof. Dr. Ricardo Rohm arrives from Brazil on April 1st.


Ricardo will do research on the topic of Data Activism in a Networked Society.

At the FAU and in the IZ Digital Ricardo will join the Research Group Digitisation and Social Change: the interdisciplinary network of book study researchers,  political scientists, cultural geographers, ethicists, sociologists, jurists, economists and computer scientists is working together on the topic of Discourses and Practices of Digital Sovereignty, which is supported by the Emerging Field Initiative of the FAU for two years.


Ricardo Rohm is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Administration of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Ricardo does research in Human-computer Interaction, Computer and Society and Media Psychology.


Ricardo will stay at FAU (Institute for the Study of the Book ) from April to December 2019.